Lexi Demetriou, Keeler Family Realtor



About Us

When you grow up with Builder Dad and a mom in the real estate industry, it’s not surprising to end up in the real estate industry yourself. That’s Lexi. As a kid, following her Dad around to his job sites, she’d imagine what the houses would look like when they were finished - from the color of the front doors to the lay-out of the living rooms’ furniture. So, you can definitely say homes are where Lexi’s heart is.

A graduate of Concord High School (go Crimson Tide!), Lexi studied at SNHU where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance, with a focus on marketing. College taught her the importance of keeping organized, taking initiative and being resourceful - all traits she’s carried with her throughout her professional life. Success to Lexi means making a positive difference in her clients’ lives; knowing she’ll only be as successful as she allows herself to be motivates her to face any challenges head-on with a genuine commitment to everyone she works with.

In her free time, Lexi’s seven (yes, seven!) dogs often take her for a walk, and you’ll most likely find her spending time with them and her family and friends. As a life-long NH resident, it’s no surprise she loves the outdoors and that she spends time hunting, fishing or just soaking up the sun. New Hampshire’s coastline, mountains and cities keep her here, not to mention getting to experience all four seasons. But, if you tempted her with a move to the Caribbean, she’d seriously consider it… someday.