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Mark Robichaud has been working in the residential solar industry since 2018, partnering with large national firms such as Vivint and Sunrun, as well as smaller regional players like Summit Energy.
All along, Mark has been helping families across Massachusetts and New Hampshire to see if solar panels can work for them. The thing he enjoys most about solar is the win-win of helping his clients save money on electricity, while also helping the planet become more sustainable.
Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Brittany and their two kids. He also is a big motorcycle guy, and going on tours by motorcycle of the northeast is one of his favorite activities to do with Brittany. He enjoys motorcycles so much that until recently, he was branding himself and his efforts with solar as ''The Solar Biker'', even going as far as creating a logo for that brand (see below). To this day, his LLC is still called ''The Solar Biker, LLC''!